PICK-UP AND PAYMENT: Pick-up and payment takes place right at the doorstep of the shop, so you do not have to enter... actually, you CANNOT enter :-). We provide plastic sheets to cover the card terminal, disposable gloves and disinfectant gel. Make sure to let us know upon your order how many persons you are and any additional items, you might want (reusable chopsticks for kids, mayos, drinks, extra soy sauce etc.). Like that we can make sure to have your bag ready for pick-up.

ORDER IN GOOD TIME: We are currently working with very limited capacities. Please make sure to order in good time to secure your spot for getting sushi. You can order via e-mail (latest the day before) or by phone from 14:00 on

Sushi MENU (takeaway)

Remember to order in good time! Everything is prepared freshly upon your order, so there may be some waiting time in the busy hours! 

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ecology / økologi

Ecology is something we do not only talk about, but take seriously! Find more information on how we strive to use the best quality ingredients in our sushi. 

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your event

Outside our regular opening hours, you can get sushi delivered or rent our chef for your private or company event; birthday, wedding, bridal shower, you name it... More >>