Certified organic origen of our ingredients

Ecology is something we don't only talk about, but we take seriously. Our proof is our silver ecology stamp. In January 2019 we have been granted the silver stamp, which means that between 60% and 90% of our food is of organic origin.


How is that measured?

It is measured by weight. That means, that the weight of all the products we bought is recorded to measure the percentage of organic / non-organic sources. The process is controlled by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (Fødevarestyrelsen).


We are constantly working on increasing the percentage of organic ingredients. Examples for organic products in our sushi are the rice (organic from Italy), the salmon (organic from Ireland), most of our vegetables (mostly seasonal and as much as possible from local sources) and even our frying oil (organic rapsolie from Danmark) for making tempura. However, certain products cannot be found organic, such as the seaweed that holds your sushi roll together and the shrimp tempura. For all products, that we cannot find ecological, we strive to buy the hightest quality and we strictly hold ourselves from products containing additives like the taste-enhancing glutamat.

Where does our salmon come from?

We buy certified organic salmon from The Irish Organic Salmon Co. for the following reasons:

1) The fish are nourished with a diet containing only organic approved natural ingredients from sustainable sources. And very importantly, all ingredients are free from GMO's (genetically modified organisms).

2) The organic production sites are continuously flushed with clean water, preventing any build-up of parasites or pollutants. This means, that the use of antibiotics is not used as a preventive method as in conventional salmon farming.

3) The salmon are reared in pens that contain less than 10 kilo per cubic metre, which is less than half of that of conventional farms. This allows the fish to follow their natural shoaling behaviour to a bigger extend.